Thursday, 8 March 2012

An Apology

Hello all,

I hope those of you that have got a copy are enjoying the book (50 Teams That Mattered) or it has at least made a fine emergency chair or table leg. There is an elephant in the room that I need to address with some of you though and there is no better way than to blog it.

Thanks to what in the publishing business is called a ‘cock-up’, some of you may be in possession of one with various grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in it. This is because an initial proof run of 50-odd copies has got mixed up with the final product, something only discovered this week. The joy of this discovery is two-fold as not only are the copies out there, I also have no way of knowing who’s got one with ‘Atlanta’ playing against Pro Vercelli instead of ‘Atalanta’ amongst other little beauties.

In short, some of you have a got a copy with all the mistakes in that I hoped no one would see.

This makes me look a crap writer in front of my peers which is frustrating to say the very least. If you have a copy with mistakes I apologise, if you want a new copy I’ll send you one over. The other way to look at it is congratulations, you have a super-rare proof copy that I’m sure in time will be worth more than those stamps printed with the aeroplane upside down.

(Please note that it definitely won’t)

So again, apologies, like I said if you have won what I like to think of as ‘the mistake lottery’ and want a tidied up copy just let me know and I’ll get Ockley Books to get you one over. If you can look past it (particularly if you are a reviewer…) I thank you for your grammatical patience, I have thrown books away for less.

Onwards and upwards *sigh*

Dave Hartrick